This section presents an overview of Bowie's CD-singles, here from Slow Burn (2002) to David Bowie vs KCRW: Golden Years (2011). Larger, high quality pictures of front covers and CDs can be accessed by clicking the single's title. Mixes are named as they appear on the CD. Promos are treated under the stock copies, unless the single was promo-only of course.

Slow Burn Slow Burn (ISO/Columbia COL 672744 2)
Austria (2002)

Slow Burn/Wood Jackson/Shadow Man/When The Boys Come Marching Home/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving.

Also available as a 3-track single (ISO/Columbia 672744 1)

Slow Burn Slow Burn (Sony SICP-162)
Japan (2002)

Slow Burn (Edit)/Shadow Man/When The Boys Come Marching Home/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving/Baby Loves That Way.

Everyone Says 'Hi'Everyone Says 'Hi'Everyone Says 'Hi' Everyone Says 'Hi' (ISO/Columbia 673134 2, 673134 3 and 673134 5)
UK (2002)

CD1 Everyone Says 'Hi' (Radio Edit)/Safe/Wood Jackson (Album Version)
CD2 Everyone Says 'Hi' (Radio Edit)/When The Boys Come Marching Home (Album Version)/Shadow Man (Album Version)
CD3 Everyone Says 'Hi' (Radio Edit)/Baby Loves That Way (Album Version)/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (Album Version).

Everyone Says 'Hi'Everyone Says 'Hi' Everyone Says 'Hi' (ISO/Columbia 5099767307625)
Austria (2002)

Everyone Says 'Hi' (Radio Edit)/Safe/Baby Loves That Way/Sunday (Tony Visconti Mix).

Also available as a 2-track single (ISO/Columbia 5099767307618; bottom).

I've Been Waiting For You I've Been Waiting For You (Columbia 38K 003369)
Canada (2002)

I've Been Waiting For You (Album Version)/Sunday (Tony Visconti Mix)/Shadow Man (Album Version).

Just For One Day (Heroes) David Guetta vs Bowie: Just For One Day (Heroes) (Virgin 72435 479822 8)
France (2003)

Just For One Day (Heroes) (Radio Edit)/Just For One Day (Heroes) (Extended Version)/Distortion (Maxi Vocal Remix) (by David Guetta).

New Killer Star New Killer Star (ISO/Columbia COL 674275 9)
Austria (2003)

New Killer Star (Video Version)/Reality (EPK)/Love Missile F1-11.

DVD-single, available as a CD-single only in Italy (ISO/Columbia COL 674275 1) and Canada (ISO/Columbia 38K 3445).

Never Get Old Never Get Old (Columbia SAMPCS 13495 1)
Austria (2003)

Never Get Old/Waterloo Sunset.

The EC single is promo-only. Also released as a Canadian promo-only 1-track CDR.

Never Get Old Never Get Old (Sony SICP-546)
Japan (2004)

Never Get Old (Radio Edit)/Love Missile F1-11.

Rebel Never Get Old Rebel Never Gets Old (ISO/Columbia COL 674971)
Austria (2004)

Rebel Never Gets Old (Radio Mix)/Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Edit)/Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Mix)/Days (Album Version).

This single was bundled with Reality and available only from a few German online record stores.

Do They Know It's Christmas?

Various Artists: Do They Know It's Christmas? (Mercury 9869413)
EC (2004)

Band Aid 20: Do They Know It's Christmas?/Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas?/Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas? (Performed At Live Aid).

The Cynic Kashmir feat. David Bowie: The Cynic (Columbia/Sony BMG 82876 801902 3)
EC (2006)

The Cynic/Supergirl (Demonstrations Skizze)/Snowman (Organic Draft)/The Dusk Hour (Sidestep Walk).

Arnold Layne David Gilmour feat. David Bowie: Arnold Layne (EMI CDEM 717)
EC (2006)

Arnold Layne (David Gilmour feat. David Bowie)/Arnold Layne (David Gilmour feat. Richard Wright)/Darl Globe (David Gilmour).

Province TV On The Radio: Province (4AD EAD 2724P)
US (2007)

Province/Dumb Animal (TV On The Radio)/Wasted Weekend (TV On The Radio).

Promo-only CD-single.

DJ Benassi vs Bowie: DJ (Positiva/d:vision DV572.09 CDS)
Italy (2009)

Radio Edit/Original Vocal Mix/Alex Gaudino Remix/Planet Funk Remix/Rivaz Funk Remix/Alex Gopher Remix/eSQUIRE Remix/Mobbing Remix/Dan McKie & Andy Morris Remix/Original Instrumental.

Promo-only CD-single.

Golden Years David Bowie vs KCRW: Golden Years (EMI BOWGY 2011)
UK (2011)

Single Version/Anthony Valdez KCRW Remix/Eric J. Lawrence KCRW Remix/Chris Douridas KCRW Remix/Jeremy Sole KCRW Remix.

Sound And Vision 2013 Sound And Vision 2013 (Parlophone)
UK (2013)

Sound And Vision 2013/Sound And Vision.

Promo-only CDR-single.