This section summarizes download and streaming-only albums differing (significantly) from their counterparts on CD or vinyl. Also see Digital singles and EPs.

Black Tie White Noise Extras Black Tie White Noise Extras
(September 2006)

Real Cool World/Lucy Can't Dance/Jump They Say (Rock Mix)/Black Tie White Noise (3rd Floor US Radio Mix)/Miracle Goodnight (Make Believe Mix)/Don't Let Me Down and Down (Jangan Susahkan Hatiku) [Indonesian Vocal Version]/You've Been Around (Dangers 12'' Remix)/Jump They Say (Brothers In Rhythm 12'' Remix)/Black Tie White Noise (Here Come Da Jazz)/Pallas Athena (Don't Stop Praying Mix No. 2)/Nite Flights (Moodswings Back to Basics Remix)/Jump They Say (Dub Oddity).

A separate download of the bonus disc of the 2CD reissue.

The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987 The Best Of David Bowie 1980/1987
(March 2007)

Let's Dance/Ashes To Ashes/Under Pressure/Fashion/Modern Love/China Girl/Scary Monsters/Up The Hill Backwards/Alabama Song/The Drowned Girl/Cat People (live)/This Is Not America/Loving The Alien/Absolute Beginners/When The Wind Blows/Blue Jean/Day-In Day-Out/Time Will Crawl/Underground.

The download replaces the single version of 'Cat People' with a live version taken from the Serious Moonlight DVD.

Never Let Me Down Never Let Me Down
(May 2007)

Day-In Day-Out/Time Will Crawl/Beat Of Your Drum/Never Let Me Down/Zeroes/Glass Spider/Shining Star (Makin' My Love)/New York's In Love/'87 And Cry/Bang Bang.

Contains edited 'vinyl mixes' of Day-In Day-Out/Beat Of Your Drum/Glass Spider/Shining Star (Makin' My Love)/New York's In Love/Bang Bang. Completists will need to rip 'Too Dizzy' from their original CD to get a full digital version of the original LP.

Dust Adrian Belew: Dust
(September 2007)

Gunman (Instrumental Remix)/Pretty Pink Rose (Instrumental Remix).

In 2007, Adrian Belew released rare tracks from his catalogue as part of the download-only album Dust. Both instrumentals feature a spoken introduction by David; see respective tracks for more info. Please note that these tracks are low bit rate MP3s (96 kbps only) and therefore their sound quality is poor. Unfortunately, neither track is featured on the 2014 CD with the same title.

Storytellers VH1 Stortellers
(July 2009)

Life On Mars/Rebel Rebel/Thursday's Child/Can't Help Thinking About Me/China Girl/Seven/Drive In Saturday/Word On A Wing/Survive/I Can't Read/Always Crashing In The Same Car/If I'm Dreaming My Life.

This download adds the four bonus tracks from the DVD as audio tracks.

A Reality Tour A Reality Tour
(January 2010)

Rebel Rebel/New Killer Star/Reality/Fame/Cactus/Sister Midnight/Afraid/All The Young Dudes/Be My Wife/The Loneliest Guy/The Man Who Sold The World/Fantastic Voyage/Hallo Spaceboy/Sunday/Under Pressure/Life On Mars/Battle For Britain (The Letter)/Ashes To Ashes/The Motel/Loving The Alien/Never Get Old/Changes/I'm Afraid Of Americans/"Heroes"/Bring Me The Disco King/Slip Away/Heathen (The Rays)/Five Years/Hang On To Yourself/Ziggy Stardust/Fall Dog Bombs The Moon/Breaking Glass/China Girl/5:15 The Angels Have Gone/Days.

The last two tracks are exclusive to this download. Coinciding with this download was the release of three videos from the Isle of Wight Festival (13-06-04): Sister Midnight/All The Young Dudes/"Heroes".

Station To Station Station To Station
(September 2010)

Station To Station/Golden Years/Word On A Wing/TVC 15/Stay/Wild Is The Wind/Station To Station (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Suffragette City (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Fame (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Word On A Wing (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Stay (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Waiting For The Man (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Queen Bitch (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Life On Mars (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Five Years (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Panic In Detroit (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Changes (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/TVC15 (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Diamond Dogs (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Rebel Rebel (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/The Jean Genie (Live Nassau Coliseum '76)/Panic In Detroit (Live Nassau Coliseum '76—Unedited Alternate Mix).

The final track is exclusive to this download.

The Riot Squad: The Last Chapter: Mods & Sods The Riot Squad: The Last Chapter: Mods & Sods
(May 2012)

Everythings Alright/Cast Your Spell On Me/Morning Dew/The Border Line Acetate/Try to Realise Acetate/Walking On Ice/Ain't No Mountain/Waiting For My Man/Cast Your Spell On Me - The Riot Medley/Silver Tree Top Jam/Silver Tree Top - School for Boy's/Steppin/Seaside/Toy Soldier - Little Sadie/Toy Soldier/Party Polictical Broadcast/Vicars Daughter/Silly Boy Blues/Old Black Car/Girl Named Tammy/Jimmy Young Blues/21 Hours N Hours/Like A Stone/Steph Green/Old Black Car Instrumental/Party Political Broadcast Instrumental.

Bowie's short-lived stint with The Riod Squad in mid-1967 was documented only in the form of a couple of outtakes that appeared on bootlegs. This download contains a few recordings from that period, most of which with incorrect titles. Of interest to Bowie fans are 'Waiting For The Man', both versions of 'Silver Tree Top School For Boys' and 'Little Toy Soldier', plus 'Silly Boy Blue'.

The Next Day Extra EP The Next Day Extra EP
(November 2013)

Atomica/Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)/The Informer/I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)/Like A Rocket Man/Born In A UFO/God Bless The Girl.

A truncated version of the bonus disc of The Next Day Extra, dropping Plan/I'll Take You There/So She.

Blackstar Blackstar
(January 2016)

Blackstar/'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore/Lazarus/Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)/Girl Loves Me/Dollars Days/I Can't Give Everything Away/Blackstar (video).

Probably due to typographical issues and problems with searching for it, the album was distributed online under the title Blackstar rather than ★. Compared to the traditional formats, the 'Blackstar' video was added as a bonus.

Labyrinth Labyrinth

Opening Titles Including Underground/Magic Dance/Chilly Down/As The World Falls Down/Within You/Underground.

The remainder of the score is written by Trevor Jones. This download was the first to contain a 4'13" edit of 'Magic Dance' rather than the full length album version. The same edit has been used ever since.

Live At La Cigale Various Artists: Live Aid (Live, 13th July 1985)

TVC 15/Rebel Rebel/Modern Love/"Heroes"/Do They Know It's Christmas.

I'm not sure what to make of the legal status of this streaming version. It's subdivided into four "discs", the track listing of which corresponds to    the official 4DVD.

Live At La Cigale Live At La Cigale Paris, 25th June, 1989
(August 2019)

Amazing/Heaven's In Here/Sacrifice Yourself/Working Class Hero/Maggie's Farm/I Can't Read/Baby Can Dance/Under The God.

A download-only Tin Machine live album. Unfortunately, it is incomplete ('Crack City' and 'Country Bus Stop' were released as B-sides) and (upon release) was marred by digital artefacts.

Something In The Air

Space Oddity (360 Reality Audio)
(November 2019)

The first David Bowie title to be released in this format, on the hi-res streaming services Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer and Tidal.

In 2022, Heathen, Reality, A Reality Tour, The Next Day and Blackstar were added to the catalogue of 360RA titles.

ChangesNowBowie ChangesNowBowie
(April 2020)

Available several months prior to the physical release, which was postponed to August.
(May 2020)

I'm Afraid Of Americans/Hearts Filthy Lesson/I'm Deranged/Hallo Spaceboy/Telling Lies/The Motel/The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)/Battle For Britain (The Letter)/Seven Years In Tibet/Little Wonder/Pallas Athena/V-2 Schneider.

One of the dropped bonus tracks from the 2CD, 'Fun (Dillianja Mix)', was released as a separate download. See the 2021 CD release for more info.

Ouvrez Le Chien Ouvrez Le Chien (Live Dallas 95)
(June 2020)

Look Back In Anger/The Hearts Filthy Lesson/The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)/I Have Not Been To Oxford Town/Outside/Andy Warhol/Breaking Glass/The Man Who Sold The World/We Prick You/I’m Deranged/Joe The Lion/Nite Flights/Under Pressure/Teenage Wildlife/Moonage Daydream/Under Pressure.

Recorded in Dallas, Starplex Amphitheater, 13-10-95. The last two songs are bonus tracks recorded in Birmingham, National Exhibition Centre, 13-12-95; these were previously available on the 'Hallo Spaceboy' CD-single. Also released on CD, but without the two bonus tracks.

Something In The Air Something In The Air (Live Paris 99)
(August 2020)

Life On Mars?/Thursday’s Child/Something In The Air/Word On A Wing/Can’t Help Thinking About Me/China Girl/Always Crashing In The Same Car/Survive/Drive-In Saturday/Changes/Seven/Repetition/I Can’t Read/The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell/Rebel Rebel.

The third and final title in a series of (initially at least) streaming-only 90s live albums. Recorded in Paris, Elysée Montmartre, 14-10-99. A physical release appeared in 2021.