This section of Promos covers the Hunky Dory Sampler (1971) to Black Tie White Noise (1993) promo LPs and tapes. Please see Promo info for more information about which promos are included and which are not.

Hunky Dory sampler David Bowie/Dana Gillespie Sampler (BOWPROMO) Editions on vinyl
(BOWPROMO 1A-1/1B-1), 1971 (UK)

Oh! You Pretty Things/Eight Line Poem/Kooks/It Ain't Easy/Queen Bitch/Quicksand/Bombers-Andy Warhol intro.

Only 500 copies of this promotional album were pressed in advance of Hunky Dory. The B-side contains five tracks by Dana Gillespie, including an early version of 'Andy Warhol'. Detailed information on this rare album is available as a special note. A one-sided replica, containing just the Bowie tracks, was officially released in 2017.

Rock And Roll Now Space Oddity
(RCA-6067), 1972 (Japan)

A white-label advance pressing. Reportedly only 100 copies were pressed. A regular promo exists as well.

Rock And Roll Now Aladdin Sane
(RCA-6100), 1973 (Japan)

A highly sought after advance pressing in a different sleeve. Contrary to Space Oddity above, this album has printed labels. Only 200 copies are supposed to exist. Again, a regular promo exists as well.

Rock And Roll Now Rock And Roll Now Editions on vinyl
(RCA SPLD-1052), 1973 (Japan)

The Jean Genie/Starman/Moonage Daydream/Suffragette City/The Width Of A Circle/The Man Who Sold The World/Space Oddity/The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud/Memory Of A Free Festival/Changes/Life On Mars/Fill Your Heart-Andy Warhol.

An album promoting Bowie's first Japanese tour. Also see this counterfeit.

Pin Ups Pin Ups
(RCA-6174), 1973 (Japan)

Released in a blue and white duotone sleeve. The album itself is identical to the regular promo.

Rock And Roll Now David Live
(RCA SPLD-1084), 1974 (Japan)

1984/Moonage Daydream/Sweet Thing/Changes/Aladdin Sane/All The Young Dudes/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Knock On Wood/Diamond Dog/Big Brother/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

The last of the very collectable 1970s Japanese promo LPs. A regular 2LP promo exists as well.

Bowie Now Bowie Now Editions on vinyl
(RCA DJL1-2696), 1978 (US)

V-2 Schneider/Always Crashing In The Same Car/Sons Of The Silent Age/Breaking Glass/Neuköln/Speed Of Life/Joe The Lion/What In The World/Blackout/Weeping Wall/The Secret Life Of Arabia.

This album was reissued 40 years later as a Record Store Day exclusive.

An Evening With David Bowie An Evening With David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(RCA DJL1-3016), 1978 (US)

Open/Segment 1/Ziggy Stardust/Segment 2/Station To Station/Segment 3/Beauty And The Beast/Segment 3 (continued)/Fame/Segment 4.

An interview album released to help push Stage; the songs are live versions from this album.

1980 All Clear 1980 All Clear Editions on vinyl
(RCA DJL1-3545), 1979 (US)

The Man Who Sold The World/Space Oddity/Ziggy Stardust/Panic In Detroit/Always Crashing In The Same Car/1984/Golden Years/Fascination/"Heroes"/Boys Keep Swinging.

This album was counterfeited in the 80s.

College Radio Series College Radio Series Editions on vinyl
(RCA DJL1-3829), 1980 (US)

Intro/Scary Monsters/Interview Bridge/It's No Game (Part 1)/Space Oddity/Ashes To Ashes/Fashion/Out Cue/Intro/Up The Hill Backwards/Interview Bridge/Kingdom Come (w/ Interview Bridge)/Teenage Wildlife/Scream Like A Baby/It's No Game (Part 2)/N Cue.

An interview album to promote Scary Monsters, also available as Special Radio Series.

Scary Monsters Interview Scary Monsters Interview Editions on vinyl
(RCA DJL1-3840), 1980 (US).

An open-ended interview with Bowie providing the answers to questions supplied on the inner sleeve.

Let's Talk Let's Talk Editions on vinyl
(EMI SPRO 9960-9961), 1983 (US)

Modern Love/Answers 1-4/China Girl/Answers 5-9/Shake It/Answers 10-13/Criminal World/Answers 14-16/Let's Dance.

Open-ended interview plus tracks from the new album Let's Dance.

Lifetimes Lifetimes Editions on vinyl
(RCA LIFETIMES 1), 1983 (UK)

The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud/Black Country Rock/Oh! You Pretty Things/Soul Love/The Prettiest Star/See Emily Play/1984/Across The Universe/Stay/All The Young Dudes/Breaking Glass/"Heroes"/DJ/Scary Monsters/Round And Round.

An album released to draw attention to Bowie's back catalogue in general, and to the Lifetimes Series of 19 single re-releases in particular. Limited to 1000 numbered copies.

? - The Interview ? ... "The Interview" Editions on vinyl
(EMI SPRO 79112/791113), 1987 (US)

Never Let Me Down/Answers 1-5b/Time Will Crawl/Answers 6-9/Bang Bang/Answers 10-14/Day-In Day-Out/Answers 15-21/Zeroes/Answers 22-24/Never Let Me Down.

With a similar approach as Let's Talk, but this time Never Let Me Down is plugged. Most of the songs have been given a slightly shorter running time than on the Never Let Me Down LP; 'Zeroes' has been edited from 5'44" to 4'15".

Tin Machine Edits From The Tin Machine Album Tin Machine
(EMI E4-91990), 1989 (US)

Heaven's In Here/Tin Machine/Prisoner Of Love/Crack City/I Can't Read/Under The God/Amazing/Working Class Hero/Bus Stop/Pretty Thing/Video Crime/Baby Can Dance.

Contains edits fading at around 2'15" (see individual tracks for exact timings), except 'Bus Stop', which fades at 1'14". 'Heaven's In Here' has a few extra seconds of studio banter before the song kicks off.

Tour 1990 Tour 1990 Editions on vinyl
(EMI 9951 216), 1990 (Brazil)

Fame 90 (Queen Latifah Version)/Fame 90 (Hip Hop Version)/Fame 90 (Remix Version)/Space Oddity/Starman/Let's Dance/China Girl/Modern Love.

The Gass Mix of 'Fame 90' is called Remix Version on this mini-album, that was issued to promote Bowie's Sound + Vision concerts in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Considered a 12" by most collectors, so listed in more detail under 12" singles.

Jump They Say Jump They Say
(Savage SADJ 50039-4), 1993 (US)

Jump They Say (Album Version)/Black Tie White Noise/I Feel Free/Miracle Goodnight/Nite Flights/Don't Let Me Down & Down.

This cassette, which was yet another effort to promote Black Tie White Noise, has no artwork. 'Jump' is the album version; the tape lists the other tracks as 'Contains portions of'. Contrary to the Tin Machine tape above, however, these are true two minutes edits rather than simple fades; see individual tracks for more information.