This section of Promos covers the Sound + Vision: The CD Press Release (1989) to Tin Machine (1990) promo CDs. Please see Promo info for more information about which promos are included and which are not.

Sound And Vision sampler Sound + Vision: The CD Press Release
(Rykodisc RCD PRO 0120/21/22), 1989 (US)

Round And Round/Sound + Vision: The CD Press Release.

Introducing the "upcoming Rykodisc/David Bowie catalogue re-release program, starting with the September issue of Sound + Vision". Narrated by Kurt Loder.

Sound And Vision sampler 8 From Sound + Vision
(Rykodisc S+V PRO 2), 1989 (US)

It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City/Changes/Suffragette City (live)/Young Americans/TVC 15/Rebel Rebel/John I'm Only Dancing/Ashes To Ashes.

A selection from the Sound + Vision set introduced above. This set was also plugged by a promo cassette (Rykodisc S+V PRO 3) containing Changes/Information On Sound + Vision, comparable to The Press Release above.

Sound And Vision sampler Sound + Vision Catalogue Sampler #1
(Rykodisc RCD PRO 131/32/33), 1990 (US)

Space Oddity/Conversation Piece/All The Madmen/Holy Holy/Changes/Bombers.

Fixing the attention to the Rykodisc re-releases of Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World and Hunky Dory. Like on the The Man Who Sold The World, 'Holy Holy' is listed as the 1971 single, whereas it actually is the Spiders remake.

Selection From ChangesBowie Selections From ChangesBowie
(EMI BOW 90), 1990 (UK)

Fame 90/Space Oddity/Let's Dance/Ashes To Ashes.

Selection From ChangesBowie Ziggy Stardust Press Kit
(Rykodisc RALP-0134-2), 1990 (US)

This press kit features the then newly remastered Ziggy Stardust CD, and an LP that was pressed to sound like your worn copy would after 20 odd years. Some press photos and a biography complete the set, which is one of the most attractive Bowie press kits around.

Growin' Up Growin' Up
(Rykodisc RCD PRO 9005), 1990 (US)

Growin' Up.

Promoting the Rykodisc re-release of Pin Ups.

So Far... 1990 So Far... 1990
(EMI BOW 908), 1990 (UK)

An Occasional Dream/The Man Who Sold The World/Life On Mars/Starman/Drive-In Saturday/Sorrow/1984/Suffragette City (live).

Sampler promoting the EMI re-releases of Space Oddity to David Live.

High Tech Soul sampler High Tech Soul Sampler
(Rykodisc RCD PRO 9016), 1990 (US)

Fame/Fascination/Who Can I Be Now/Golden Years/TVC 15/Stay (live).

Distributed at the time of the RYKO re-releases of Young Americans and Station To Station. Also available as a press-kit, bundled with the Bowie. Soul. Period. video.

Bowie/Eno sampler Bowie/Eno Sampler (It's Time To Listen)
(Rykodisc VRCD 0142), 1991 (US)

Sound And Vision/Be My Wife/Some Are/"Heroes"/Joe The Lion/Abdulmajid/DJ/Boys Keep Swinging/Look Back In Anger (1988).

Promoting the Rykodisc reissues of the Bowie/Eno trilogy Low, "Heroes" and Lodger. Also see the promo video It's Time To Watch.

Tin Machine sampler Tin Machine II - 4 Track Album Sampler
(London TM1), 1991 (UK)

You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll/Amlapura (Indonesian)/Stateside/Hammerhead.

Same tracks and cover as the 'You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll' CD-single.

Tin Machine sampler Tin Machine
(Victor CDS-117), 1991 (Japan)

Baby Universal/One Shot/You Belong In Rock 'N' Roll/If There Is Something/Amlapura/Betty Wrong/You Can't Talk/Stateside/Shopping For Girls/A Big Hurt/Sorry/Goodbye Mr. Ed/One Shot (single version).

The full Tin Machine II album plus the single edit of 'One Shot'.