This section lists a couple of promo-only videos. Live videos and compilation tapes with video clips are discussed under Videos and (re-)releases on DVD under DVDs. This overview is not complete; see The Videography for a more comprehension overview.

NLMD - The Videos Never Let Me Down - The Videos
(PMI MNR 990068), 1987

Day-In Day-Out /Time Will Crawl/Never Let Me Down/Glass Spider.

The video clips of the Never Let Me Down singles plus a live version of 'Glass Spider' (Vienna, Prater Stadium, 01-07-87).

Instore Video Instore Video
(EMI, no number), 1990

Fame 90/Let's Dance/Ashes To Ashes/"Heroes"/China Girl/John I'm Only Dancing/The Jean Genie/Fashion/Blue Jean.

Dutch promo-only with video clips. Distributed exclusively to the Free Record Shop chain to plug the ChangesBowie album and Sound + Vision tour.

Bowie. Soul. Period. Bowie. Soul. Period.
(Rykodisc VVHS 9016), 1990.

Golden Years/Wild Is the Wind.

The High Tech Soul Sampler (Deluxe Promo Edition) consisted of this video tape plus the High Tech Soul Sampler CD. The video contains the Soul Train performance of 'Golden Years' and the video clip of 'Wild Is the Wind'.

It's Time To Watch It's Time To Watch
(Rykodisc VVHS 0142), 1991.

Look Back In Anger/Boys Keep Swinging/DJ/"Heroes"/Be My Wife.

These are the video clips made for the singles from Low, "Heroes" and Lodger, the Bowie/Eno trio. Released in conjunction with the It's Time To Listen promo CD.

Ziggy StardustZiggy Stardust Ziggy Stardust
(Golden Years GYVHS002), 1994.

Footage from Civic Hall in Dunstable 21-06-72 overdubbed with the sound from Santa Monica, Civic Auditorium, 20-10-72. Released in the US as Griffin Video GV-383-3 (bottom) in 1995.