Early Works covers the Pye and Deram material that has been recorded between 1964 and 1969. This section covers the compilations The World Of David Bowie (1970) to Images/Mille-Pattes Séries (1975).

World Of David BowieWorld Of David Bowie The World Of David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(Decca SPA 58), 1970 (UK)

Uncle Arthur/Love You Till Tuesday/There Is A Happy Land/Little Bombardier/Sell Me A Coat/Silly Boy Blue/The London Boys/Karma Man/Rubber Band/Let Me Sleep Beside You/Come And Buy My Toys/She's Got Medals/In The Heat Of The Morning/When I Live My Dream.

Available in mono as Decca PA 58. The mono edition does not contain the original mono mixes but fold downs of the stereo versions instead.

The very first David Bowie compilation album, premiering 'Karma Man', 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' and 'In The Heat Of The Morning'. 'Love You Till Tuesday' and 'Rubber Band' are the album versions. The stereo edition was also released in Australia (with the same catalogue number) and reissued in 1973 in an updated sleeve (bottom). The 1973 Dutch edition (Decca 6454 038) lists 'The Laughing Gnome' on the front cover and label but actually plays 'When I Live My Dream' (like all other issues). Reissued on blue vinyl (still with the same catalogue number!) for Record Store Day 2019.

imagesimages Images 1966-1967 Editions on vinyl
(London BP 61829), 1973 (US)

Rubber Band/Maid Of Bond Street/Sell Me A Coat/Love You Till Tuesday/There Is A Happy Land/The Laughing Gnome/The Gospel According To Tony Day/Did You Ever Have A Dream/Uncle Arthur/We Are Hungry Men/When I Live My Dream/Join The Gang/Little Bombardier/Come And Buy My Toys/Silly Boy Blue/She's Got Medals/Please Mr. Gravedigger/The London Boys/Karma Man/Let Me Sleep Beside You/In The Heat Of The Morning.

A worthwhile compilation album with material from single B-sides and tracks previously available on other albums. 'Love You Till Tuesday' and 'Rubber Band' again are the album versions. Released in an identical sleeve in Germany (Deram SDM 3017/1-2) and in different sleeves and/or different titles in Belgium, France, South Africa and (with a slightly modified running order in) Spain.

Reissued in the UK (Deram DPA 3017/18; bottom) and Germany (Nova SDM 3017/1-2) in 1975, with the original cartoon relegated to the inner gatefold. A Japanese edition (Deram L35P 1073/74) in an identical sleeve was not released until 1982.

David BowieDavid Bowie Images Editions on vinyl
(Deram DA 145/146), 1973 (Belgium).

A Belgian edition of Images, which uses this title only on the record labels. Reissued in 1976 in an updated sleeve.

Rey Del Gay Power El Rey Del Gay Power Editions on vinyl
(Deram DCS 15044/45), 1973 (Spain)

Rubber Band/Maid Of Bond Street/Sell Me A Coat/There Is A Happy Land/Did You Ever Have A Dream/The Laughing Gnome/Uncle Arthur/When I Live My Dream/Love You Till Tuesday/Join The Gang/Little Bombardier/Come And Buy My Toys/She's Got Medals/Please Mr. Gravedigger/Silly Boy Blue/Karma Man/Let Me Sleep Beside You/In The Heat Of The Morning.

The running order is marginally different from Images, but essentially this is a Spanish edition of that compilation. Re-released in a single sleeve, replacing the original gatefold sleeve.

Superstar Superstar Editions on vinyl
(Decca DLPA 187/188), 1973 (South Africa).

South African edition of Images. Advance acetate copies of this compilation were titled Magic.

in The Beginning The Beginning Editions on vinyl
(Decca NDM 770), 1973 (Germany)

Uncle Arthur/Rubber Band/Love You Till Tuesday/We Are Hungry Men/Little Bombardier/Silly Boy Blue/Come And Buy My Toys/Join The Gang/Maid Of Bond Street/Please Mr. Gravedigger.

'Rubber Band' and 'Love You Till Tuesday' are the album versions. Reissued in 1976 as Deram 6.21680.

Coccinelle Varietes Coccinelle Varietés Editions on vinyl
(Decca 210.039), 1973 (France).

French edition of The World Of David Bowie which was reprinted into the 80s.

David Bowie David Bowie Editions on vinyl
(King DL-44), 1973 (Japan).

Japanese reissue of the debut album.

Disco De Ouro Disco De Ouro Editions on vinyl
(London SC 15002), 1974 (Brazil).

Brazilian edition of The World Of David Bowie.

Mille-Pattes Images/Mille-Pattes Séries Editions on vinyl
(Deram 278 513/14), 1975 (France).

French edition of Images. Like with the Belgian editions (its sleeve is practically identical to the original Belgian edition), the title is used only on the labels. This album therefore is usually referred to as Mille-Pattes Séries.