The songs on the singles and albums included here have one thing in common—Bowie either wrote or produced them, played instruments or did backing vocals—but he does not provide lead vocals (these are listed in Guest Appearances). The singles and albums—in this section Mott The Hoople's All The Young Dudes (1972) to Iggy Pop's Lust For Life (1977)—are listed in a chronological order.

Oscar: Over The Wall We Go/Days Gone By (Reaction 591 006), September 1966.
Besides writing the A-side of this single, Bowie also appeared in the prison roll-call ("No. 33425") and in the chorus. Over The Wall We Go/Beauty Queen was reissued in December 1977 under the name of Ivor Bird (RSO 2090 270), but from this version the footsteps and whistling commencing just before the song fades have been removed. The latter version appeared on David Bowie Songbook, so technically speaking the credits on this album are incorrect. Bowie's own version has appeared on the The Bowie Showboat (Marquee 1966) single and several other bootlegs.

Slender Plenty: Silver Tree Top School For Boys/I've Lost A Friend And Found A Lover (Polydor 56189), September 1967.

The Beatstalkers: Silver Tree Top School For Boys/Sugar Chocolate Machine (CBS 3105), December 1967.
'Silver Tree Top School For Boys' was written by Bowie, and released by two different bands within a few months. The Beatstalkers version has been reissued on David Bowie Songbook, Oh! You Pretty Things and The Beatstalkers compilation Scotland's No. 1 Beat Group (IKA 002).

The Beatstalkers: Rain Coloured Roses/Everything Is You (CBS 3557), June 1968.
This time the Bowie-penned song appeared on the flip. Also included on Oh! You Pretty Things and The Beatstalkers compilation Scotland's No. 1 Beat Group (IKA 002).

Dee Dee: Pancho/Love Is Always (Palette PB 25579), June 1967.
The music for both the A and B-side were written by Albimoor and Giraud but the words by David Bowie.

The Beatstalkers: Little Boy/When I'm Five (CBS 3936), January 1969.
Bowie's own version of 'When I'm Five', recorded at the BBC, appeared only in 1984, on the Love You Till Tuesday soundtrack. The Beatstalkers cover is found Oh! You Pretty Things on as well.

Dib Cochran & The Earwigs: Oh Baby/Universal Love (Bell BLL.1121), August 1970.
Dib Cochran & The Earwigs was a pseudonym for a band comprising Marc Bolan, Rick Wakeman, Mickey Finn and Tony Visconti. This single came and went completely unnoticed. Rumours had it that David featured on sax, but Tony Visonti has denied this.

Peter Noone: Oh! You Pretty Things/Together Forever (RAK 114), April 1971.
Bowie had given away a potentially succesful Hunky Dory single to Peter Noone, who sings "The Earth is a beast" instead of "The Earth is a bitch". The song's composer also plays the piano. Reissued on Oh! You Pretty Things.

Peter Noone: Walnut Whirl/Right On Mother (RAK 121), October 1971.
Again Bowie plays the piano about as clunky as he does on his own demo released on Little Toy Soldier (Albino AL 7153 HC 3104).

Lulu: The Man Who Sold The World/Watch That Man (Polydor 2001490), January 1974.
This could almost be considered a Bowie single, as it was Bowie's song, band (The Spiders), production and arrangements that were involved. 'Watch That Man' was reissued on David Bowie Songbook; both songs are found on Oh! You Pretty Things.

Cuddly Toys: Madman/Join The Girls (Fresh PURL 7), July 1980.
Bowie and Marc Bolan rehearsed 'Madman' for Bolan's Marc Show (in which it was never performed). The story goes Bolan passed on the demo cassettes to friends and that's how Cuddly Toys came to record it. Later, the song was also covered by the bands Blue For Two and Snowy Red.


Mott The Hoople - ALl The Young Dudes Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
(CBS 65184), 1972 (UK)

Sweet Jane/Momma's Little Jewel/All The Young Dudes/Sucker/Jerkin' Crocus/One Of The Boys/Soft Ground/Ready For Love/Sea Diver.

Bowie produced the album and of course wrote 'All The Young Dudes'. All The Young Dudes/One Of The Boys was released as a single (CBS S-8271).

Lou Reed -Transformer Lou Reed: Transformer
(RCA 2303), 1972 (UK)

Vicious/Andy's Chest/Perfect Day/Hangin' Round/Walk On The Wild Side/Make Up/Satellite Of Live/Wagon Wheel/New York Telephone Conversation/I'm So Free/Goodnight Ladies.

Bowie co-produced the entire album (with Mick Ronson) and does backing vocals on some tracks. Walk On The Wild Side/Perfect Day (RCA 2303) and Vicious/Satellite Of Love (RCA 2318) were released as singles.

Stooges - Raw Power Iggy And The Stooges: Raw Power
(CBS 65586), 1973 (UK)

Search And Destroy/Gimme Danger/Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell/Penetration/Raw Power/I Need Somebody/Shake Appeal/Death Trip.

Bowie remixed this album.

Mick Ronson - Slaughter On 10th Avenue Mick Ronson: Slaughter On 10th Avenue
(RCA APL1 0335), 1974 (UK)

Love Me Tender/Growing Up And I'm Fine/Only After Dark/Music Is Leathal/I'm The One/Pleasure Man-Hey Ma Get Papa/Slaughter On 10th Avenue.

Bowie co-wrote 'Hey Ma Get Papa' (with Mick Ronson), translated 'Music Is Leathal', and wrote 'Growing Up And I'm Fine'. This album was reissued on CD (Snapper Music/Dead Quick Music SMMCD 503) with the following bonus tracks: Solo On 10th Avenue/Leave My Heart Alone (live)/Love Me Tender (live)/Slaughter On 10th Avenue (live).

Dana Gillespie - Weren't Born A Man Dana Gillespie: Weren't Born A Man
(RCA APL1 03354), 1974 (UK)

Stardom Roads Parts I & II/What Memories We Make/Dizzy Heights/Andy Warhol/Backed A Loser/Weren't Born A Man/Mother Don't Be Frightened/All Cut Up On You/Eternal Showman/All Gone.

'Andy Warhol' and 'Mother Don't Be Frightened' were produced by Bowie and Mick Ronson and backed by The Spiders From Mars; the credits on the LP claim Bowie wrote 'Backed A Loser'. Andy Warhol/Dizzy Heights was released as a single (RCA 2466). Partly reissued on CD as Andy Warhol; also see the BOWPROMO album.

Now We Are Six Steeleye Span: Now We Are Six
(Chrysalis CHR 1053), 1974 (UK)

To Know Him Is To Love Him.

Bowie plays saxophone on this track.

Mick Ronson - Play Don't Worry Mick Ronson: Play Don't Worry
(RCA APL1 0681), 1975 (UK)

Billy Porter/Angel No. 9/This Is For You/White Light/White Heat/Play Don't Worry/Hazy Days/The Girl Can't Help It/Empty Bed (Io Me Ne Andrei)/Woman.

'White Light/White Heat' was recorded for but dropped from Pin Ups and Bowie gave the backing track to Ronson. This album was re-released on CD (Snapper Music/Dead Quick Music SMMCD 504) with the following bonus tracks: Seven Days/Stone Love (Soul Love)/I'd Rather Be Me/Life On Mars/Pain In The City/Dogs/Seven Days (alternative take)/28 Days Jam/Woman (alternative take).

Mick Ronson's final album, Heaven And Hull, is discussed under Guest Appearances.

Iggy Pop - The Idiot Iggy Pop: The Idiot
(RCA PL 12275), 1977 (UK)

Sister Midnight/Nightclubbing/Funtime/Baby/China Girl/Dum Dum Boys/Tiny Girls/Mass Production.

Bowie co-wrote all tracks (with Iggy Pop and 'Sister Midnight' with Iggy Pop and Carlos Alomar), produced the entire album, played keyboards, guitar and sax and did backing vocals. A 3'26" edit of 'China Girl' (b/w 'Baby') was released as a single (RCA PB 9093). 'Sister Midnight' was released in edited form (2'54") as a US promo only single (RCA PB-10989).

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life Iggy Pop: Lust For Life
(RCA PL 12488), 1977 (UK)

Lust For Life/Sixteen/Some Weird Sin/The Passenger/Tonight/Success/Turn Blue/Neighborhood Threat/Fall In Love With Me.

Produced by Bowie, who also co-wrote all songs except 'Sixteen' and 'The Passenger'. Success/The Passenger was released as a single (RCA PB 9160).