Illustrated db Discography

UPDATE: the edits project is nearing completion. Unfortunately there still is one single missing and others would definitely benefit from a quality update. So please take a look at the list below. Missing items are marked in red, the ones that are available but could be in better sound quality are marked in blue. Please send me an email if you think you can contribute!

Somewhere in the late 80s or early 90s, I sold my modest collection of Bowie singles. I had considered my options: I would never be able to complete the collection and with the arrival of the excellent Rykodisc reissues, many of the rare singles were finally re-released as bonus tracks. And in much better sound quality than I had them anyway! However, when I parted from these singles, I also lost some of the unique edits I had in my collection. At the time, recordable CDs were far beyond my budget, so I recorded them to cassettes.

Recently I found such a tape and I thought it would be a great idea to ask friends to digitize their singles, restore the sound, collect all edits on CDR and distribute them to the participants. Unfortunately, it appeared that all but a few of the fellow collectors I knew personally too had gotten rid of their vinyl!

So here's my plan to "save the edits"! I have compiled a list of edits and otherwise unique edits that to my best knowledge exist only on vinyl. Anyone who still has vinyl singles and cares to participate is kindly asked to check the list to see if there are missing edits he or she can contribute. I will act as the central point collecting the edits. Once we have a (nearly) complete list, I will have the recordings cleaned up semi-professionally and then will re-distribute a couple of CDRs to all the people who have participated.

Absolute Beginners
US EMI SPRO 9623 promo 12"/EMI PRO 9626 promo 7": 4'46"
February '86 Previews LP (Disco Mix Club 37/1): 3'52"
All The Madmen
US Mercury DJ-311 promo 7": 3'14"
Bang Bang
Never Let Me Down LP: 4'01"
Beat Of Your Drum
Never Let Me Down LP: 4'31"
Breaking Glass
Australia RCA 103295: 2'47"
Cat People
US Backstreet 545-17-67 promo 7": 3'18"
Diamond Dogs
Australia RCA 102462 7": 2'58"
Italy Best Of Bowie LP: 3'02"
Don't Look Down
Remix, B-side Loving The Alien 7"
Drive-In Saturday
German 7": 3'59"
7": 3'25"
Glass Spider
Never Let Me Down LP: 4'55"
Time Will Crawl 7": 4'13"
7": 3'32"
Holy Holy
Unique 7", never reissued
Leon Takes Us Outside
Outside LP: 0'24"
Let's Dance
Brazil 7": 4'00"
Life On Mars
Best Of Bowie LP: 3'36"
Low sampler
RCA BOW-1E: 4'45"
Magic Dance
Australian EMI RPS 20 promo: 4'08"
The Motel
Outside LP: 5'03"
New York's In Love
Never Let Me Down LP: 3'56"
Rebel Rebel
UK RCA LPBO 5009 7": 4'22"
Australian RCA 20610 EP: 4'06"
Revolutionary Song
Japan Overseas Records MA-185-A: 3'43"
Rock 'N' Roll With Me (live)
US RCA JB 10105 promo 7": 3'25"
Shining Star
LP: 4'03"
Soul Love
Japan (faded): 2'48"
Space Oddity
1969 UK Philips BF 1801 7" (mono): 4'33"
1969 US Mercury 72949 7"/1972 US RCA EP-45-103 promo 7" (mono): 3'26"
1969 US Mercury DJ-156 promo 7" (stereo): 3'26"
1973 US RCA 74-0876 promo 7": 3'53"
US 7": 4'06" (US album edit)
UK 7": (UK album version)
German 7": 3'58" (US album version faded)
Station To Station
France RCA 42549 promo 7": 3'40"
Time Will Crawl
7": 4'03"
TVC 15
France RCA 42549 Station To Station promo 7": 4'40"
Australia Best Of Bowie LP: 3'56"
Italy Best Of Bowie LP: 3'37"
Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud
US Mercury 72949 7": 3'14"
Word On A Wing
US 7": 3'10"
Netherlands 7": 3'03"
? The Interview promo LP: 4'15"