Illustrated db Discography

The U.S. Mercury album containing 'Space Oddity' is not called Man of Words Man of Music. Yes, it contains this logo on the front cover, but:

  1. The label and spine only list "David Bowie", yet US Mercury albums of the time list both title and artist in these locations.
  2. The US Mercury compilation of the time, Zig Zag Festival (Mercury SRD 2-29) contains 'Space Oddity'. For each track on the Zig Zag Festival, the album from which the tracks are taken is pictured and listed (Artist and Album Title). Against 'Space Oddity' the album is listed as David Bowie.
  3. In a letter from US Mercury to Ken Pitt discussing the differences between the US and UK editions of the album (see p. 201 of "The Pitt Report") there is a sentence which unambiguously refers to the American edition of David Bowie. Nothing is mentioned about the alternative title for the album.

Colin McIntyre