This section of Albums covers the albums Aladdin Sane (1973) to "Heroes" (1977). For general information David Bowie albums, please see Album info. Please note that soundtracks and compilations are listed under Soundtracks and Compilations respectively.

Aladdin SaneAladdin SaneAladdin SaneAladdin SaneAladdin Sane Aladdin Sane Editions on vinyl
(RCA RS 1001), April 1973 (UK)

Watch That Man/Aladdin Sane/Drive-In Saturday/Panic In Detroit/Cracked Actor/Time/The Prettiest Star/Let's Spend The Night Together/The Jean Genie/Lady Grinning Soul.

30th Anniversary 2CD Edition bonus disc: John I'm Only Dancing (Sax Version)/The Jean Genie (Original Single Mix)/Time (Single Edit)/All The Young Dudes/Changes (live1)/The Supermen (live1)/Life On Mars (live1)/John I'm Only Dancing (live1)/The Jean Genie (live2)/Drive-In Saturday (live3).

Originally released in a gatefold cover, but many 1980s reissues dropped this and the lyrics printed on the inner sleeve. In Italy, the first edition appeared in a temporary "art sleeve" (RCA DLSP 4852). Picture disc released as RCA BOPIC 1 (third) in 1984; a second, unofficial picture disc is discussed under Pirates. Further reissues on vinyl are the 1990 Rykodisc (RALP 0135-2)/EMI (EMC 3579) editions, the 1999 Millenium Edition (EMI 7243 4994631 6) and the 2001 EMI/Simply Vinyl (SVLP 276) edition.

First edition on CD released in 1984 (RCA PD 83890). The 1990 Rykodisc/EMI reissue was the only studio album from the series not to include any bonus tracks.

Released in remastered format in 1999 (EMI 7243 521902 0 1) and yet again in 2003, as a 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition (EMI 7243 583120 2 7; fourth); see above for tracklisting. The live versions were recorded at 1 Boston, Music Hall, 01-10-72, 2 Santa Monica, Civic Hall, 20-10-72 and 3 Cleveland, Public Hall, 25-11-72. Note that the latter has been sourced from an audience recording; the complete concert can be found on Va Va Va Voom (Savage Hippo SH 120). The 2007 Japanese mini LP reissue (EMI TOCP-70145) was an exact copy, even including the fan club application card that came with the first UK LP; also see this box in which the entire series could be stored. Released as a Super High Material CD (SHM CD) in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95045), in the same artwork as the mini LP.

Remastered yet again in 2013 for a 40th Anniversary Edition (EMI DBAS 40; bottom). This remaster was included in the Five Years box and reissued separately in a jewel case (Parlophone 0825646283392).

Pin UpsPin Ups Pin Ups Editions on vinyl
(RCA RS 1003), October 1973 (UK)

Rosalyn/Here Comes The Night/I Wish You Would/See Emily Play/Everything's Alright/I Can't Explain/Friday On My Mind/Sorrow/Don't Bring Me Down/Shapes Of Things/Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/Where Have All The Good Times Gone.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10146)/EMI (CDP 79 4767 2) bonus tracks: Growin' Up/Port Of Amsterdam.

Released in a gatefold sleeve in Japan (RCA RVP 6129), with an insert containing the lyrics to 'Where Have All The Good Times Gone'. Reissued several times in the 1980s, as picture disc under catalogue number RCA BOPIC 4. More recent vinyl editions are from 1990 on Ryko (RALP 0136-2)/EMI (EMC 3580) and from 2001 on EMI/Simply Vinyl (SVLP 277; the last LP in this series).

The RCA CD (PD 84653) appeared in 1984, followed six year later by the Ryko/EMI reissue. This bonus tracks on this edition were left off the 1999 EMI remaster (EMI 7243 521903 0 0) and the Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70146). Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95046) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

The 2015 remaster from the Five Years box (of copies sold through the Bowie Store included a Pin Ups Radio Show bonus disc) was released separately in a jewel case (Parlophone 0825646283385).

Diamond DogsDiamond DogsDiamond Dogs Diamond Dogs Editions on vinyl
(RCA APL1-0576), March 1974 (UK)

Future Legend/Diamond Dogs/Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/Rebel Rebel/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/We Are The Dead/1984/Big Brother/Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10137)/EMI (CDP 79 5211 2) bonus tracks: Dodo/Candidate (demo).

30th Anniversary 2CD Edition bonus disc: 1984-Dodo/Rebel Rebel (US Single Version)/Dodo/Growin' Up/Alternative Candidate (a demo for a proposed 1984 musical)/Diamond Dogs (K-Tel Best Of... Edit)/Candidate (Intimacy Mix)/Rebel Rebel (2003).

Most RCA re-releases dropped the original gatefold sleeve and the lyrics to 'Future Legend'. Also available as a picture disc (RCA BOPIC 5); see Pirates for a second, unofficial picture disc. The Rykodisc (RALP 0137-2)/EMI (EMC 3584) LPs contained the uncensored artwork.

First CD release in 1985 (RCA PD 83889) with the censored sleeve; most of the subsequent releases contain the artwork in its full glory. The 1990 Rykodisc/EMI edition featured bonus tracks (see above). Again reissued in 1999 (EMI 7243 521904 0 9), in 2004 as a 30th Anniversary Edition 2CD (EMI 7432 5 77860 2 7; bottom) and in 2007 as a Japanese mini LP (EMI TOCP-70147) with the original artwork. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95047) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

David LiveDavid LiveDavid LiveDavid Live David Live Editions on vinyl
(RCA APL2-0771), October 1974 (UK)

1984/Rebel Rebel/Moonage Daydream/Sweet Thing/Changes/Suffragette City/Aladdin Sane/All The Young Dudes/Cracked Actor/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Watch That Man/Knock On Wood/Diamond Dogs/Big Brother/The Width Of A Circle/The Jean Genie/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

1990 Rykodisc (RCD 10138/39)/EMI (CDP 79 5364 2) bonus tracks: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/Time/Band Intro.

2005 reissue (EMI 7243 874307 2 3): 1984/Rebel Rebel/Moonage Daydream/Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)/Changes/Suffragette City/Aladdin Sane/All The Young Dudes/Cracked Actor/Rock 'N' Roll With Me/Watch That Man/Knock On Wood/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/Space Oddity/Diamond Dogs/Panic In Detroit/Big Brother/Time/The Width Of A Circle/The Jean Genie/Rock 'N' Roll Suicide.

Recorded at the Tower, Philadelphia. Various recording dates have been listed, but the exact dates are unknown; the album was taped on two dates between July 10 and 13, 1974. The original 2LP came with pictures on the inner sleeves and sides B and D reversed. Early Spanish pressings did not include 'Cracked Actor'; a promotional 7" with Time/The Prettiest Star (RCA ESP-540) was given away with the album to compensate for this. The most recent issue on vinyl is the 1990 Rykodisc (RALP 0138/9-2)/EMI (DBLD1) reissue. The vinyl reissues on Rykodisc were discontinued from David Live onwards.

The first CD release is the 1990 Rykodisc/EMI edition, which has the David Bowie At The Tower Philadelphia subtitle on the front cover (middle). Reissued in 2005 (third) in a new stereo mix, with a much improved the sound quality. The live set now is complete and follows the original set list order, with the band intro after 'Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Also available on DVD Audio (EMI 7243 874304 9 5; bottom), which additionally features a photo gallery.

Young AmericansYoung Americans Young Americans Editions on vinyl
(RCA APL1 1006), March 1975 (UK)

Young Americans/Win/Fascination/Right/Somebody Up There Likes Me/Across The Universe/Can You Hear Me/Fame.

1991 Rykodisc (RCD 10140)/EMI (CDP 79 6436 2) bonus tracks: Who Can I Be Now/It's Gonna Be Me/John I'm Only Dancing (Again).

2007 Special Edition (EMI 09463 51258 2 5) bonus tracks: John I'm Only Dancing (Again)/Who Can I Be Now/It's Gonna Be Me (With Strings). The bonus DVD contains the album remixed in 5.1, plus a video of the Dick Cavett Show: 1984/Young Americans/Dick Cavett Interviews David Bowie.

Reissued on vinyl throughout the 1970s and 80s. The latest release on vinyl is the 1991 EMI edition (EMD 1021), which came in a gatefold sleeve but dropped the lyrics available on the RCA editions.

Released on CD in 1985 (RCA PD 80998). The Rykodisc/EMI reissue contained bonus tracks (see above) but dropped the lyrics that were included with the RCA CD. In 1997, Rykodisc also released this album in the AU20 series (RYKO RCD 80140). The 1999 EMI remaster (EMI 7243 521905 0 8) and 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (TOCP-70148) include the lyrics but drop the bonus tracks. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95048) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

The 2007 Special Edition CD+DVD (see above), which features the album in a 5.1 remix on the DVD, has extensive sleeve notes but again omits the lyrics! The 5.1 mix of 'Across The Universe' lasts about 15 seconds longer than the original version and 'Win' is not faded out.

Station To StationStation To StationLive Nassau Coliseum '76 Station To Station Editions on vinyl
(RCA APL1 1327), January 1976 (UK)

Station To Station/Golden Years/Word On A Wing/TVC 15/Stay/Wild Is The Wind.

1991 Rykodisc (RCD 10141)/EMI (CDP 79 6435 2) bonus tracks: Word On A Wing (live)/Stay (live).

Live Nassau Coliseum '76

Station To Station/Suffragette City/Fame/Word On A Wing/Stay/Waiting For The Man/Queen Bitch/Life On Mars/Five Years/Panic In Detroit/Changes/TVC 15/Diamond Dogs/Rebel Rebel/The Jean Genie.

Singles Versions EP

Golden Years/TVC 15/Stay/Word On A Wing/Station To Station.

The original artwork consists of a framed black and white picture of David from the film 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'. Proofs were made of a sleeve with an unframed colour version of the same picture, but the album was never released on RCA in any form in a colour sleeve. The most recent release on vinyl is the 1991 edition (EMI EMD 1020), using the artwork in colour.

The 1985 RCA CD (RCA PD 8132) used the original artwork, whereas the Rykodisc/EMI reissue (second) was released with a colour cover. The live tracks on this edition were recorded in Uniondale, Nassau Coliseum, 23-03-76. Released in 1997 in the AU20 series as Rykodisc RCD 80141. The 1999 remaster (EMI 7243 521906 0 7) too carried the colour cover, so as a consequence the original artwork is difficult to find on CD. This is the only non-Japanese reissue that includes the lyrics. The 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70149) reinstated the black and white cover. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95049) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

The 2010 Special Edition (EMI BOWSTSX2010) features the original analogue master, Live Nassau Coliseum '76 (see above for track listing), plus a set of post cards. The 2010 Deluxe Edition (EMI BOWSTSD2010) is a 3LP/4CD/DVD box set containing the original analogue master and Live Nassau Coliseum '76 on both CD and LP, the 1985 RCA master and Singles Versions EP on CD, two versions of the album on DVD (two versions of the original master plus a new Harry Maslin mix both in surround and stereo), plus a large set of goodies: poster, 'onstage folder' (with replica backstage pass, biography, ticket, band line-up and three press shots) and replica 'fan club holder' (with fan club membership card, fan club certificate, two collectors cards, two photo prints, replica biography and two badges).

Live Nassau Coliseum '76 (bottom), subtitled Recorded Live At The Nassau Coliseum Uniondale NY USA, finally meant an official release of this heavily bootlegged concert recorded on 23-03-76. Contrary to the bootlegs, it features the complete concert including the Life On Mars/Five Years medley, but 'Panic In Detroit' is edited. Despite all the bonus material of the Deluxe Edition, an unedited version of 'Panic In Detroit' is available only as part of the download. The album was also included in the Who Can I Be Now box set and released as a standalone album in 2017 (Parlophone 0190295989781).

Low Low Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 12030), January 1977 (UK)

Speed Of Life/Breaking Glass/What In The World/Sound And Vision/Always Crashing In The Same Car/Be My Wife/A New Career In A New Town/Warszawa/Art Decade/Weeping Wall/Subterraneans.

1991 Rykodisc (RCD 10142)/EMI (CDP 79 7719 2) bonus tracks: Some Are/All Saints/Sound And Vision (Remixed Version).

The first edition came without a track listing on the rear sleeve; most copies therefore have a sticker with the track listing on the rear. The original Canadian cassette (RCA CPK1 2030) uses Low's working title New Music: Night And Day on the tape labels. A few records of the UK edition were pressed on red vinyl, probably by a fan working at the record plant; beware of counterfeits! The last version of Low on vinyl dates from 1991 (EMI EMD 1027), which includes a lyric sheet. See Pirates for an unofficial 2007 picture disc.

First released on CD in 1985 (RCA PD 83856). The 1991 Rykodisc/EMI edition contains bonus tracks (see above); in 1996, Rykodisc also released this album in the AU20 series as RYKO RCD 80142. The 1999 EMI remaster (EMI 7243 521907 0 6) includes lyrics. Released on CD in its original UK LP form as a 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70150), which even included a miniature sticker with the track listing. Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95050) in the same artwork as the mini LP.

"Heroes" "Heroes" Editions on vinyl
(RCA PL 12522), October 1977 (UK)

Beauty And The Beast/Joe The Lion/"Heroes"/Sons Of The Silent Age/Blackout/V-2 Schneider/Sense Of Doubt/Moss Garden/Neuköln/The Secret Life Of Arabia.

1991 Rykodisc (RCD 10143)/EMI (CDP 79 7720 2) bonus tracks: Abdulmajid/Joe The Lion (Remixed Version).

The original LP came with a lyric sheet, which was dropped with later RCA budget editions. German (RCA PL 42372) and French (RCA PL 42373) pressings featured German/English and French/English versions of "Heroes". The EMI reissue (EMD 1025) appeared in a gatefold sleeve. See Pirates for an unofficial 2007 picture disc.

RCA released this album on CD in 1985 (PD 83857). The 1991 Rykodisc/EMI edition featured bonus tracks (see above); also released in the 1997 Rykodisc AU20 CD-series (RYKO RCD 80143). Other reissues are the 1999 EMI remaster (EMI 7243 521908 0 5) and the 2007 Japanese mini LP replica (EMI TOCP-70151). Released as SHM CD in Japan in 2009 (EMI TOCP-95051) in the same artwork as the mini LP.