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DJ (Bowie/Eno/Alomar): from Lodger. In edited form (3'20" vs 3'59"), it was the follow-up to 'Boys Keep Swinging', pressed in a limited number on green vinyl (RCA BOW 3). This edit was used on ChangesTwoBowie, The Singles 1969 To 1993 and Re:Call 3. A Single Edit (3'19" vs 3'59") of the 2017 Tony Visconti mix of Lodger was released as 40th Anniversary Edition picture disc (Parlophone DBDJ 40). A Moonage Daydream Mix was released as the second digital single for the Moonage Daydream soundtrack. In 2008, 'DJ' was reworked by Benny Benassi and released as an unofficial white-label 12" (DV 572), containing mixes later titled Original Vocal Mix and Original Instrumental. In 2009, the sample was cleared and a total of 11 mixes was released as 'Benassi vs Bowie' on a bewildering number of formats—all long before the song officially appeared as a single! The original white label 12" was followed by two promo 12"es labelled The Remixes Part 1 (Positiva/d:vision DVR 572.09) and Part 2 (Positiva/d:vision DVRR 572.09), containing a total of seven remixes. These, plus two additional mixes by Dan McKie & Andy Morris, also appeared on two separate promo CDR's. All remixes, plus a new Radio Edit, subsequently were released on a promo CD (Positiva/d:vision DV572.09 CDS) and as a digital download. Confusingly, the Positiva/d:vision DV572.09 CDS promo featured the Original Instrumental whereas the digital download included the Dan McKie & Andy Morris Dubstrumental.

Below all remixes and their alternative names are listed; sources are mentioned only for those mixes with alternate names or those not available on the Positiva/d:vision DV572.09 CDS promo.

The original 4'04" video clip is released on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. Played live only on the European leg of the 1995/96 Outside tour.

Dancing In The Street (Hunter/Stevenson/Gaye): a duet with Mick Jagger, originally conceived as a one-off promo to be broadcast at Live Aid. Five versions of this Martha and the Vandellas cover have been released: Bob Clearmountain 7" Mix and Instrumental on the single (EMI EA 204) and a Steve Thompson Mix, Dub Version and Edit on the 12" (EMI 12 EA 204). The 7" mix was included on the Singles Collection and Nothing Has Changed. The Singles 1969-1993 has a 3'16" version that fades slightly later, while the Best Of Bowie includes the slightly longer Edit (3'25" vs 3'10") from the 12". All versions (from both 7" and 12") have been released on the Dancing In The Street bootleg CD. In 2007, the Edit, Steve Thomson Mix and Dub were officially reissued as part of the Dancing In The Street EP. The 2'49" video clip of this song is featured on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD; the promo shown at Live Aid did not feature the brass section present in the mix was released as a single. A live version with Mick Jagger, performed at Prince's Trust concert in the Wembley Stadium, London, on 20-06-86, is released on The Unreleased Stuff (Switch On! SO 2001-10-1) and on the Rolling Stones bootleg From Now To Then (Blue Moon BMCD28).

Dancing Out In Space (Bowie): from The Next Day.

Dancing With The Big Boys (Bowie/Pop): from Tonight. On the B-side of the 'Blue Jean' 12" (EMI 12 EA 181), an Extended Dance Mix and Dub Mix can be found. Both remixes were reissued in 2007 as part of the Blue Jean EP. The first was also included on Dance from Loving The Alien. Played on a limited number of gigs on the European leg of the 1987 Glass Spider tour.

David Bowie Megamix: released on a Disco Mix Club 12" (DMC May 90), this megamix (mixed by Sanny X) includes Fame 90/Golden Years/Fashion/Let's Dance/The Jean Genie/Rebel Rebel.

David X: Bowie's 'Let's Dance' with the vocals of Liberty X 'Got To Have Your Love'. About two minutes of this mashup appeared on the Go Home Productions Promotional Sampler #1. The complete track was released on the Mashed compilation (EMI VTCD 858).

Day-In Day-Out (Bowie): the opening track and first single (EMI EA 230) from Never Let Me Down. Single, LP and CD contained different mixes (4'14", 4'38" and 5'35" respectively). The single edit is featured on the Singles Collection, a few editions of Best Of Bowie and The Platinum Collection; The Singles 1969-1993 has a unique 4'17" edit. An Extended Dance Mix and a Paul "Groucho" Smykle Remix were released on two separate 12"es (EMI 12 EA 230 and EMI 12 EAX 230), both backed by an Extended Dub Mix. These remixes contain a few different vocal takes when compared to the album version. On the US EMI SPRO 9996/9997 promo 12", a 7" Dance Edit and Edited Dance Mix can be found; on this 12" the Extended Dub Mix is inadvertently labelled Extended Dance Mix. A Spanish version is discussed as 'Al Alba'. In 2007, two separate Day-In Day-Out EPs, plus a 'vinyl version' of Never Let Me Down neatly wrapped up all but the 7" Dance Edit and Edited Dance Mix. The Groucho Mix has also appeared on Dance from Loving The Alien. A reworking appeared on Never Let Me Down 2018 from the same set.

Summarising, the following versions and remixes are found:

Basically, two different videos are available: one features the LP version and the other is labelled Extended Dance Mix; both are released on the Day-In Day-Out video and the Best Of Bowie DVD. A censored version of the first (where a kid forms the word 'luck' in stead of 'fuck' with letter-cubes) is released on The Video Collection. Although labelled Extended Dance Mix, the second video actually contains a modified version of the 7" Dance Edit. Live versions are featured on the Glass Spider CD and DVD (and on bootlegs from the same tour).

Days (Bowie): from Reality; the bonus DVD of the tour edition also includes a live version. Played live on the Reality tour. In 2010, a live version appeared as a bonus track of the A Reality Tour digital download.

Dead Against It (Bowie): from The Buddha Of Suburbia.

Dead Man Walking (Bowie/Gabrels): the third single from the Earthling album. Like with 'Little Wonder', a large number of different CD-singles was released. Three different singles have been released in the EC alone: CD1 (Arista/BMG 74321 474802) features the Moby Mix 1 and Album Version, while CD2 (Arista/BMG 74321 476142) additionally contains the House Mix, This One's Not Dead Yet Remix and Vigor Mortis Remix; a 2-track single (Arista/BMG 74321 474812) has an Edit. The same versions are also spread out over two different UK CD-singles, a UK 12" (BMG/RCA 74321475841) and two EC 12"es (Arista/BMG 74321474801 and Arista/BMG 74321476141). In the US, a promo 12" (Virgin SPRO-12249) was released exclusively featuring a Moby Mix 2. In 2004, this remix was included as a bonus track (together with the Moby Mix 1) on the Limited Edition 2CD re-releases of Earthling. The Edit was reissued on Re:Call 5, whereas a 2022 digital EP compiled the five remixes.

The video clip of this song appeared on the Best Of Bowie DVD. Played live in several versions: the House Mix was used in small club gigs of the Earthling tour, acoustic versions were played on TV and radio shows promoting the album and a rock version was played on most of the concerts of the Earthling tour (Look At The Moon!). No less than three acoustic live versions have been officially released - on 99X Live X IV "Home" (99X radio station, Atlanta, Smith's Olde Bar, 08-04-97), WBCN Naked Too (WBCN radio station, Boston, Fort Apache Studio, 08-04-97) and Live From 6A: Great Musical Performances From Late Night With Conan O'Brien (Conan O'Brien TV show, 10-04-97).

Debaser (Francis): this Pixies cover was sung by Tony Sales during the second Tin Machine tour. It appeared on the The Blade And The Tongue (ROCKS 92005) and Shakin' All Over (ROCKS 92009/10) Tin Machine bootleg 2CD's.

Diamond Dogs (Bowie): released in full length (6'03") as the second single (RCA APBO 0293) from Diamond Dogs. Only in Australia, a 2'58" edit was used (RCA 102462), which was reissued in 2016 on Re:Call 2, part of the Who Can I Be Now? set. The Best Of Bowie has a unique 4'37" edit; the Italian, Spanish and Australian editions of this compilation feature different edits clocking at 3'05", 4'26" and 4'27" respectively. A K-Tel Best Of... Edit features as a bonus track on the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Diamond Dogs, but this edit differs significantly from the original. For some reason, Nothing Has Changed contains a 5'50" edit that fades just before the end. Live performances are released on David Live, Cracked Actor, I'm Only Dancing, Live Nassau Coliseum '76 and bootlegs from the 1974, 1976 and 1995/96 tours; added to the 2004 Reality tour setlist on the US leg of the tour.

Did You Ever Have A Dream (Bowie): the B-side of 'Love You Till Tuesday' (Deram DM 135), first reissued in 1973 on Images. A previously unreleased stereo version was released on the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie. Also see the Early Works section.

Dirty Blvd. (Reed): performed live with Lou Reed on Bowie's 50th birthday concert in New York, Madison Square Garden, 09-01-97, and released on CDs such as 50th Birthday Bash (BPCD 973282-1/2).

Dirty Boys (Bowie): from The Next Day.

Dirty Song (Brecht/Muldowney): from the Baal EP (RCA BOW 11). In the "Baal" TV play itself, this song is performed live in a pub. The full Baal EP is available as a digital download, and as part of the Re:Call 3, as part of the box set A New Career In A New Town.

Do Anything You Say (Bowie): released on 7" as David Bowie and The Buzz in 1966 (Pye 7N 17079). See the Early Works section for plenty of reissues. I Dig Everything: The 1966 Pye Singles contains an alternate mix that lacks the piano.

Do They Know It's Christmas (Geldoff/Ure): Bowie was not directly involved in this project, as his contribution is limited to a few spoken lines on the B-side of this Band Aid single (see 'Feed The World'). Some of these spoken lines, including Bowie's, were added to the Trevor Horn Remix on the 12". David, however, did participate on a live version of this song, as performed on the finale of the Live Aid concert (London, Wembley Stadium, 13-07-85), available on the Live Aid DVD and Band Aid 20 'Do They Know It's Christmas' CD-single (Mercury 9869413).

Dodo (Bowie): originally recorded as a medley with '1984'; see '1984/Dodo'. Released as an extra track on the Rykodisc and 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Diamond Dogs. This actually is an edited version, as in the original version (which lasts 4'31" instead of 2'56") Lulu joins Bowie. The original has appeared on the Absolutely Rare (no label) CD.

Dollar Days (Bowie): from Blackstar.

Don't Be Afraid: see 'Oh! Darlin''.

Don't Bring Me Down (Dee): from Pin Ups.

Don't Let Me Down & Down (Tarha/Valmont): this obscure Tahra song was covered on Black Tie White Noise. In advance of the album, Excerpts 1993 (Arista/BMG DB 001) with a 2'32" excerpt of 'Don't Let Me Down & Down' was issued. A different 2'01" edit was included on the 'Jump They Say' promo cassette (Savage SADJ 50039-4). The CD (Arista/BMG 74321 14071-2) from SE Asia featured an Indonesian Vocal (also known as 'Jangan Susahkan Hatiku') of the song, which was incorrectly credited to Bowie. The latter was reissued on the Limited Edition 2CD+DVD of Black Tie White Noise and Re:Call 5.

Don't Look Down (Pop/Williamson): an Iggy Pop cover from Tonight. A Remix appeared on the B-side of the 'Loving The Alien' 7", whereas an Extended Dance Mix backed the 12" (EMI 12 EA 195). Both were reissued as part of the Loving The Alien EP and on the Loving The Alien box set.

Don't Sit Down (Bowie): from the 1969 Philips David Bowie album. This 0'39" piece of nonsense was deleted from the 1972 Space Oddity re-release, but again saw the light of day on the 1990 Rykodisc issue.

The Dreamers (Bowie/Gabrels): the closing track of hours... The song had already appeared in a different, longer version (5'39" vs. 5'13") in the Omikron: The Nomad Soul game. This version was released in 2004 as Omikron: The Nomad Soul Longer Version on the Limited 2CD Edition of hours... and reissued on Re:Call 5. An in-house promo CDR supplied to the makers of the game featured separate instrumental and vocals takes of an early version of the song; these circulate among fans. According to the booklet of several localized Omikron versions, an Easy Listening Version should appear in the game, but nobody has ever been able to find it!

Drive-In Saturday (Bowie): the second single from Aladdin Sane (RCA 2352). Most editions use the album version, but the German single (RCA 74-16231) uses an edit (3'59" vs 4'29"); this edit was included on Re:Call 1. Bowie introduced the song, singing live over a backing track, on Russell Harty Plus (17-01-73). This performance was included on the B-side of the 40th Anniversary Edition 'Drive-In Saturday' picture disc pressed for Record Store Day 2013 (EMI DBDRIVE 40); it had previously appeared on the Best Of Bowie DVD. An instrumental version is incorrectly credited to Bowie; see 'Aladdin Sane'. The first performance of this song (at Fort Lauderdale, Pirate's Cove, 17-11-72) is released on the Drive-In Saturday (Rag Doll Music RDM-942013) 2CD. Also played on a limited number of 1973 and 1974 dates; revived in 1999 for Net Aid and the short promotional tour for the hours... album. Officially released versions besides the Russel Harty Plus appearance are found on the 30th Anniversary 2CD Edition of Aladdin Sane (Cleveland, Public Hall, 25-11-72; a direct lift from the Va Va Va Voom bootleg (Savage Hippo SH 120)), VH1 Storytellers and Something In The Air.

The Drowned Girl (Vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen) (Brecht/Weill): from the 'David Bowie In Bertolt Brecht's Baal' EP (RCA BOW 11). Not officially released on CD until the 2003 Sound + Vision 4CD edition; also available as a digital download through iTunes and on Re:Call 3. In the play, Bowie performs this song live on the banjo. A 2'27" video clip was made, which used the same set as the 'Wild Is The Wind' video. This promo video has been released on The Best Of Bowie 1980/1987.


Early Morning (Bowie): together with 'Noon-Lunchtime' and 'Evening' forms a suite of songs in the Ernie Johnson rock opera.

Eight Line Poem (Bowie): from Hunky Dory. An alternate version, with a different vocal, was released earlier on the BOWPROMO promo LP. This version was officially released as GEM Promo Version on the B-side of the 2015 'Changes' picture disc (Parlophone DBRSD2015) and reappeared on the BOWPROMO reissue and Divine Symmetry. An acoustic version, performed for the BBC on the 1971 Sound Of The Seventies session was not released until 1997 on the Oh! You Pretty Thing (Savage Hippo SH 111) CD; it later appeared officially on Bowie At The Beeb and Divine Symmetry. The only other live performance available is from Aylesbury, Friars, 25-09-71 (also on Divine Symmetry).

'87 And Cry (Bowie): from Never Let Me Down and B-side to the single with the same name (EMI EA 239). Different edits were released on 7"/LP (3'53") and CD (4'18"). The 7"/LP version was included on the Japanese 'Never Let Me Down' CD-single (EMI CP20-5520). A reworking appeared on for Never Let Me Down 2018. Performed live on the 1987 Glass Spider tour and some of its press conferences. A live version is found on Glass Spider.

The Enemy Is Fragile (Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay/Campbell): one of the few tracks from the 1. Outside outtakes CD of which the title is known.

Ernie Boy (Bowie): from the Ernie Johnson rock opera.

Even A Fool Learns To Love (Bowie/Francois/Thibault/Revaux): Bowie's version of 'Comme d'Habitude', which eventually became 'My Way' in the hands of Paul Anka. A snippet of Bowie's demo, in which he simple sings over Claude François' original recording’, was transmitted in the BBC TV program 'Arena: The Origins Of My Way' in 1979. In 2017, excerpts of a different demo (which is in the third person rather than in the first person) was broadcast on the BBC radio programme 'Exploring Life On Mars'.

Evening (Bowie): see the Ernie Johnson rock opera.

Everyone Says 'Hi' (Bowie): released in edited form (3'29" vs 3'57") as the second single from Heathen in the UK (3CD set: ISO/Columbia 673134 2/3/5) and the EC (ISO/Columbia COL 673076 2). The Edit reappeared on the 2CD and 3CD configurations of Nothing Has Changed. Initially available on promo 12" (ISO/Columbia CAS 59068) only were a Metro Remix and Metro Remix Radio Edit; the latter was later included on the Peace Songs and Hope War Child charity albums. In 2003, the Metro Remix was included in the Playstation 2 music mixing game Amplitude and three years later it appeared on the US compilation In The Mix: Rare & Hard To Find Remixes (Sony ‎A 27440). A marginally different, less compressed version of the mix appeared on an in-house promo CDR. 'Everyone Says Hi' was a cert on the 2002 concerts.

Everything Is You (Bowie): released only on EMIDISC acetate, backed by 'Social Kind Of Girl'.

Everything's Alright (Crouch/Konrad/Staveley/James/Karlson): a Mojo's cover from Pin Ups. Performed live only on the "1980 Floor Show" (18 to 20-10-73). This is captured in best quality on the recent Absolutely Rare (no label) CD; several takes of the song are available on The Midnight Special (Switch On! SO 2002-27-1).

Exodus (?): an instrumental found on the collection of Tin Machine II outtakes that surfaced in 2008.


Fall Dog Bombs The Moon (Bowie): from Reality. Played live on a limited number of dates of the Reality tour. A live version recorded in London (Riverside Studios, 08-09-03) is included on the tour edition of Reality, whereas a version recorded in Dublin was added as a bonus track to the A Reality Tour 2CD.

Falling Down (Waits): Bowie provides guest vocals on Scarlett Johansson's interpretation of this Tom Waits song, which was released as a 7" single (Atco 8122799284) ahead of the album Anywhere I Lay My Head.

Fame (Bowie/Lennon/Alomar): released in edited form (3'25" vs 4'12") as the second single from Young Americans (RCA 2579). The single edit has been re-released only on the 1980 The Best Of Bowie LP and the Have A Nice Decade—The '70s Pop Culture Box (Rhino 72919) and Millennium Classic Rock Party (Rhino 75628) compilations CDs. The 40th Anniversary Edition picture disc of 'Fame' (Parlophone DBFAME40) claims to contain the Original Single Edit, but in reality this is a reconstruction with different edit points and not the authentic edit. Unfortunately, it was this inauthentic edit that was included on Re:Call 2. The Dolby 5.1 and DTS 5.1 remixes on the 2007 Young Americans Special Edition lacks the last 'Fame' after 'Fame-fame-fame' sequence at the end of the song. An alternate mix, with an overdubbed flute and a different ending, has appeared on 20th Century Boy (BOW 0198/DB 20 CB). The 1990 remixes, all released as 'Fame 90', and 1997 Earthling tour live version ('Is It Any Wonder') are discussed separately. In 2000, BowieNet's Fame Jam section (now defunct) offered the possibly to mix portions of Bowie's vocal lines together with their own combination of drums, bass, guitars. An EMI/Virgin commissioned Go Home Productions Remix has appeared on the Go Home Productions Sampler, whereas an extended 4'49" edit by Jazzy Jay was released on the Hip Hop Roots compilation. No official video clip was made for 'Fame', but Bowie's performance on "Soul Train" has often been used as such. Official live versions are found on the Live Nassau Coliseum '76, Stage, Live In Berlin (1978), Welcome To The Blackout, Look At The Moon!, BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000 and Glastonbury 2000 albums and Serious Moonlight, Ricochet (incomplete version), Glass Spider and A Reality Tour DVDs. 'Fame' has found its way into the playlist of virtually every concert from 1976 onwards (except for the Tin Machine tours) and is thus found on large numbers of live boots as well. On the 1987 Glass Spider tour, Bowie often incorporated a few lines from 'London Bridge Is Falling Down' (Anonymous).

Fame 90 (Bowie/Lennon/Alomar): the Gass Mix has been released as single (EMI FAME 90) from the Pretty Woman soundtrack (EMI E1-93492). Accompanying this remix is an endless list of other remixes: Queen Latifah's Rap Version (B-side single), Bonus Beat Mix (B-side picture disc), House Mix and Hip Hop Mix (UK 12" EMI 12 FAME 90) and With Queen Latifah and Absolutely Nothing Premeditated/Epic Mix (US 12" EMI/Rykodisc V-56163 or CD-single Rykodisc RCD5-1018). Exclusively on promo issues are released: House Mix (4'00" edit of the original 5'58" mix; on US CD-single EMI/Ryko DPRO #04580) and Acapulco Rap (US 12" EMI SPRO 04547); on the latter the Bonus Beat Mix is named Bonus-Beats International (this version was included as a bonus track on the From A Phoenix... The Ashes Shall Rise (Major Tom MT001/2)) CD. Finally, 2 EMI Master Demo Reference Cassettes, dated 22-12-89 and 02-08-90, feature the following unreleased remixes: John Gass Version (3'58" in stead of 3'38"), Arthur Baker House Mix (5'00" instead of 5'58"), Dave Barratt 7" Single Mix, Dave Barratt 12" Uncut Version (18'37"), Humberto Gatics Sonic Mix and DJ Mark Mix. These mixes circulate on tape only. Summarising, the following mixes are officially released:

The Gass Mix was later released on the ChangesBowie and a few editions of Best Of Bowie. Both the House and Hip Hop Mixes re-appreared on the Dancing Queen (Westwood One WWI vol. 56) bootleg. In 2007, five of the remixes, including the previously vinyl-only Bonus Beat Mix were released as the Fame '90 EP on iTunes. A 3'42" video clip is featured on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. The live version played during the 1990 Sound + Vision tour used parts of the House Mix.

Fannin Street (Waits/Brennan): another Tom Waits cover by Scarlett Johansson from Anywhere I Lay My Head to which David lent his vocal support.

Fantastic Voyage (Bowie/Eno): from Lodger. B-side to both 'Boys Keep Swinging' (RCA BOW 2) and 'Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy' (RCA BOW 12). A remix appeared on the 2017 Tony Visconti Mix of Lodger. Not performed live until 2003, on some gigs of the Reality tour. One of these performances is captured on the A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD. Also played at the Keep A Child Alive charity at New York, Hammerstein Ballroom, 09-11-06.

Fascination (Bowie/Vandross): a revamp of Luther Vandross' 'Funky Music', released on Young Americans. A remixed version (with a strong reverb section near the intro) first appeared on Sound + Vision II and later replaced the original on the Rykodisc reissue of Young Americans.

Fashion (Bowie): in edited form (3'23" vs 4'41"), 'Fashion' was released as the second single (RCA BOW 7) from Scary Monsters. The single edit is included on The Singles 1969 To 1993, Best Of Bowie and Re:Call 3; Nothing Has Changed contains a failed attempt at a remake of the single edit. 'Fashion' was used for closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London. This remixed version, adding military-style drumming, was included on A Symphony Of British Music—Music For The Closing Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games (Decca 5340326). The 3'24" video can be found on The Video Collection and the Best Of Bowie DVD. In 2002, Solaris released a 12" of the track 'Shout', based on samples from 'Fashion'. Although played live on most tours, officially released live versions are limited to Serious Moonlight, Glass Spider and Look At The Moon!.

Feed The World (Geldoff/Ure): Bowie's contribution to this B-side of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas' single (Columbia 44-05157) was limited to a few spoken lines.

Fill Your Heart (Rose/Williams): a Biff Rose cover from Hunky Dory. A tape with five takes of 'Changes' and three takes of 'Fill Your Heart' was auctioned at Omega in 2018. A 2021 Alternative Mix appeared on Divine Symmetry. Played live at Aylesbury, Friars, 25-09-71 (Divine Symmetry) and other 1970/71 dates. See the BBC Performances section for two BBC recordings (available on The Width Of A Circle and Divine Symmetry).

5:15 The Angels Have Gone (Bowie): from Heathen. A longer version (5'25" vs 5'01") appeared on the Heathen SACD, which unfortunately is playable only on dedicated players. Played live on the 2002 Heathen and 2003/04 Reality tours. In 2010, a live version appeared as a bonus track of the A Reality Tour digital download.

Five Years (Bowie): opening track of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars. An early mix was included on a reel auctioned at Omega in 2019. A recording for the BBC Sound Of The Seventies program is included on Bowie At The Beeb, whereas another early live version (from the Old Grey Whistle Test, 08-02-72) was released on the Best Of Bowie DVD. 'Five Years' has been played on the 1972, (early) 1973, 1976, 1978 and 2003/04 tours. A performance with Arcade Fire at Fashion Rocks (New York, Radio City Music Hall, 08-09-05) was released on Live EP (Live At Fashion Rocks); other official live versions appear on Live Santa Monica '72, Live Nassau Coliseum '76, Stage, Welcome To The Blackout and the A Reality Tour 2CD/DVD.

A Fleeting Moment (Bowie/Xi): the Mandarin Chinese version of 'Seven Years In Tibet'. This song topped the charts in Hong Kong and was released in several forms: as a bonus CD to the Hong Kong Earthling edition, on the World Music Horizons compilation, two give-away CDs (New Voices Vol. 16 and Earthling In The City), the CD-single of 'Seven Years In Tibet' (RCA/BMG 74321512542). Later, it re-appeared on the 2004 Limited 2CD Edition of Earthling and Re:Call 5. 'A Fleeting Moment' was compiled with Bowie's other "foreign language tracks" on the unofficial Speaking In Tongues (DB SIT 2001) CD. The video clip is available as an 'easter egg' on the Best Of Bowie DVD.

Fly (Bowie): included on the bonus disc of the Reality 2CD.

A Foggy Day (In London Town) (G. Gerswin/I. Gerswin): released on the Red Hot + Rhapsody George Gershwin contribution album. Angelo Badalamenti is co-credited for arranging, orchestrating and conducting the 'Suite For A Foggy Day'. Reissued on Re:Call 5.

Foot Stompin' (Collins/Rand): a Flares cover performed on the 1974 Soul Tour, in a medley with 'I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate' (Piron). A live version from Nashville, Municipal Auditorium, 30-11-74 was released on I'm Only Dancing. A live-in-the-studio version from the Dick Cavett Show (02-11-74) is found on RarestOneBowie.

Friday On My Mind (Young/Vanda): an Easybeats cover from Pin Ups.

Fun (Bowie): this drum 'n' bass track evolved from 'Is It Any Wonder', itself based on a line from 'Fame'. To most fans, the song initially has been a bit of a mystery, as the three officially released versions were offered only to BowieNet members. A 3'31" mix featured on the BowieNet CD-ROM, distributed in 1998 to new subscribers only. The second is a 7'42" "live" version (supposedly recorded in Amsterdam, Paradiso, 10-06-97), which appeared on, a section of BowieNet featuring live performances of the Earthling tour. This studio version, with a live audience mixed in, also featured on a promo cassette for, but was omitted from the released 2CD. Promo-only is Fun Fade 2 (w/o crowd @ top & shorter fade), a variation of the "live version", which appared on an in-house promo CDR also containing 'Tryin' To Get To Heaven'. The mixes on the in-house Danny Saber Mixes promo CDR are four shorter variations (3'13") of the BowieNet CD-ROM mix, labelled Clownboy Mix (#2 Clownboy Mix, #3 Clownboy Mutant Mix, #5 Clownboy Mix Voc. Up, #7 Clownboy Instr). Three mixes were made more widely available much later. In 2020, the Dillinja Mix was reissued as a streaming single, while the Clownboy Mix appeared on Is It Any Wonder?. A year later, the original BowieNet Mix was included on Re:Call 5. The 2022 digital Fun Mix EP included these three mixes, plus the Clownboy Instrumental Mix and Clownboy John X Crazy Mix (the Clownboy Instr and Clownboy Mutant Mix from the promo respectively).

Future Legend (Bowie): the introduction to Diamond Dogs. Utilises some of the music from the song Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Rogers/Hart). This is acknowledged on few RCA issues on the label (e.g. UK, Yugoslavia, Australia and Italy) and even less on the cover as well (Australia second issue and Italy); not acknowledged on most. The track appears unaccredited on David Live.