12" singles treats all of Bowie's 12" maxi-singles in detail, in this section Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (1982) to Do They Know It's Christmas? (1984). Larger pictures of sleeves and labels can be accessed by clicking the 12" title. Mixes are named as they appear on the 12" label; if there is no specification, the album version is used. Promos are treated under the stock copies, unless the single was promo-only of course.

Unlike CD-singles, this section is incomplete concerning all possible pressings and editions. See the 10" and 12" singles discography for a more comprehensive overview.

Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (with Bing Crosby) (RCA BOWT 12)
UK (1982)

A  Dialogue/Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy
B  Fantastic Voyage

This is the only Bowie 12" with picture labels.

Let's Dance (EMI 12EA 152)
UK (1983)

A  Let's Dance
B  Cat People

An exclusive Extended Edit is available on the MWDN513 Disconet 12".

China Girl (EMI 12EA 157)
UK (1983)

A  China Girl
B  Shake It (Remix)

The Remix is called 'Long Version' on the US issue (EMI 7809).

Modern Love (EMI 12EA 158)
UK (1983)

A  Modern Love
B  Modern Love (live)

Fashion (RCA PC 9638)
Germany (1983)

A  Fashion
B  Scream Like A Baby

Re-release promoting the Golden Years compilation.

1984 (RCA PD-13770)
US (1984)

A  1984
B  TVC 15

Promoting the Fame And Fashion compilation. The German edition (RCA PC 3770) came in a Rare-like sleeve.

Blue Jean (EMI 12EA 181)
UK (1984)

A  Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix)
B  Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix)/Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dub Mix)

Tonight (EMI 12EA 187)
UK (1984)

A  Tonight (Extended Dance Mix)
B  Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix)/Tonight (Dub Mix)

Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid) (Mercury 880 502-1Q)
Germany (1984)

A  Do They Know It's Christmas? (Remixed by Trevor Horn)
B  Do They Know It's Christmas? (Standard Mix)/Feed The World

Bowie speaks a few lines in 'Feed The World'.