12" singles treats all of Bowie's 12" maxi-singles in detail, in this section Black Tie White Noise (1993) to the David Bowie vs KCRW: Golden Years (2011). Larger pictures of sleeves and labels can be accessed by clicking the 12" title. Mixes are named as they appear on the 12" label; if there is no specification, the album version is used. Promos are discussed under the stock copies.

Unlike CD-singles, this section is incomplete concerning all possible pressings and editions. See the 10" and 12" singles discography for a more comprehensive overview.

Black Tie White Noise Black Tie White Noise (Arista/BMG 74321 14868 1)
Spain (1993)

A  Black Tie White Noise (Extended Remix)/Black Tie White Noise (Trance Mix)/Black Tie White Noise (Album Version)
B  Black Tie White Noise (Club Mix)/Black Tie White Noise (Dub)

Also see the UK Arista/Savage/BMG BLACK 1 and the US Savage SADJ-50045-1 promo 12"es. An exclusive Digital Remix is available on the Hot Tracks 12-4 12".

Miracle Goodnight Miracle Goodnight (Arista/BMG 74321 16226 1)
The Netherlands (1993)

A  Miracle Goodnight (Blunted 2)/Miracle Goodnight (Make Believe Mix)
B  Miracle Goodnight (12" 2 Chord Philly Mix)/Miracle Goodnight (Dance Dub)

In the UK, the same tracks were released on promo 12" (Arista/BMG MG 1).

The Hearts' Filthy LessonThe Hearts' Filthy Lesson The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Arista/BMG 74321 30338 1)
UK (1995)

A  The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Alt. Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Bowie Mix)
B  The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Simple Text Mix)/The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Filthy Mix)

Also available on picture disc (BMG/RCA 74312 13901-2). There are three different promo 12"es - the UK RCA OUT 1 and RCA OUT 2, and the US Virgin SPRO-11038.

Hallo Spaceboy Hallo Spaceboy (Arista/BMG SPACE 2)
EC (1995)

A  Hallo Spaceboy (12" Remix)

'Hallo Spaceboy' is available only on promo 12". Also see the UK BMG HALLO 2 and BMG SPACE 3 and the US Virgin SPRO-11513 promo 12"es with additional remixes.

Telling Lies Telling Lies (BMG/RCA 74321 397411)
UK (1996)

A  Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)
B  Telling Lies (Feelgood Mix)/Telling Lies (Adam F Mix)

A double promo 12" (Arista/BMG LIES 1A) was released in the UK.

Little Wonder Little Wonder (BMG/RCA 74321452071-1)
UK (1997)

A  Little Wonder (Junior's Club Mix)
B  Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)/Telling Lies (Adam F Mix)

A promo was released on BMG/RCA LW-03.

Little Wonder Little Wonder (Arista/BMG 7432144777)
Germany (1997)

A  Little Wonder (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)
B  Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)

Dead Man Walking Dead Man Walking (BMG/RCA 74321475841)
UK (1997)

A  Dead Man Walking (House Mix)/Dead Man Walking (Vigor Mortis Remix)
B  Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)

Also see these UK (RCA/BMG DMW02) and US (Virgin SPRO-12249) promo 12"es.

Dead Man Walking Dead Man Walking #1 (Arista/BMG 74321474801)
EC (1997)

A  Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)
B  Dead Man Walking (House Mix)

Dead Man Walking #2 (Arista/BMG 74321476141)
EC (1997)

A  Dead Man Walking (This One's Not Dead Yet Remix)
B  Dead Man Walking (Vigor Mortis Remix)

Set of two separate 12"es.

Tao Jones Index Tao Jones Index (Arista/BMG 74321 51254 1)
UK (1997)

A  Pallas Athena (live)
B  V-2 Schneider (live)

Recorded live in Amsterdam, Paradiso, 10-06-97. Released under the pseudonym Tao Jones Index.

I'm Afraid Of Americans I'm Afraid Of Americans (Virgin 7243 8 38618 1 1 Y-38618)
US (1997)

A  I'm Afraid Of Americans (V1)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (V2)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (V3)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (V4)
B  I'm Afraid Of Americans (V5)/I'm Afraid Of Americans (V6)

Without You I'm Nothing Without You I'm Nothing (with Placebo) (Hut/Virgin FLOORTP10)
US (1999)

A  Without You I'm Nothing (UNKLE Remix)/Without You I'm Nothing (The Flexirol Mix)
B  Without You I'm Nothing (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)

Promo-only 12"

Under Pressure Under Pressure (EMI QUEENWL28)
UK (1999)

A  Under Pressure (Club 2000 Mix)
B  Under Pressure (Rah Mix)

Promo-only white label 12".

Loving The Alien The Scumfrog vs Bowie: Loving The Alien (Positiva 12TIV-172)
UK (2002)

A  Loving The Alien
B  8 Days, 7 Hours

Also see the 12TIVDJ172 promo 12".

Shout Solaris vs Bowie: Shout (Nebula NEBT038)
UK (2002)

A  Shout (Original Mix)
B  Shout (Phason Dub)

Everyone Says 'Hi' Everyone Says 'Hi' (ISO/Columbia CAS 59068)
US (2002)

A  Everyone Says 'Hi' (Metro Remix)/Everyone Says 'Hi' (Metro Remix - Radio Edit)
B  I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship (Deepsky's Space Cowboy Remix)

Promo-only 12".

Just For One Day (Heroes) David Guetta vs Bowie: Just For One Day (Heroes) (Virgin DINST263)
France (2003)

A  Just For One Day (Heroes) (Extended Club Mix)/Just For One Day (Heroes) (Dub Version)
B Distortion (Maxi Vocal Remix)

Let's Dance Let's Dance (Dance 1)
UK (2003)

A  Let's Dance (Club Bolly Extended Mix)
B  Let's Dance (Club Bolly Radio Mix)

Promo-only white-label 12", which has also been issued with printed labels.

Let's Dance Let's Dance (PP 001)
UK (2003)

A  Let's Dance (Trifactor vs Deeper Substance Remix)
B  Let's Dance (Trifactor vs Deeper Substance Remix)

Promo-only white-label 12". The sticker labels the remix 'Trifactor & Deep Substance Mix'.

Magic Dance Magic Dance (08 53490 20 1A/B1 DBD 001)
UK (2003)

A  Magic Dance (The "Danny S" Magic Party Mix)
B  Magic Dance (The "Danny S" Magic Dust Dub)

Another promo-only white-label 12" with a remix that ended up on Club Bowie. The sleeve has a custom sticker.

Rebel Never Gets Old Rebel Never Get Old (ISO/Columbia 675040 6)
Austria (2004)

A  Rebel Never Gets Old (Radio Mix)/Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Edit)
B  Rebel Never Gets Old (7th Heaven Mix)/Days (Album Version)

Picture disc, but also available on black vinyl (ISO/Columbia 674971 6).

Arnold Layne Arnold Layne (Columbia 88697 05025 1)
US (2007)

A  Arnold Layne (David Gilmour feat. David Bowie)
AA  Arnold Layne (David Gilmour feat. Richard Wright)/Dark Globe (David Gilmour)

Released in 10" format only in the US.

DJ Benassi vs Bowie: DJ (d:vision DV 572)
UK (2008)

A  Original Vocal Mix
B  Original Instrumental

Two additional promo 12"es were released in 2009.

Golden Years

David Bowie vs KCRW: Golden Years (EMI 12 BOWGY 2011)
UK (2011)

A Single Version/Anthony Valdez KCRW Remix/Eric J. Lawrence KCRW Remix
B Chris Douridas KCRW Remix/Jeremy Sole KCRW Remix

Golden Years

Love Is Lost (ISO/Columbia 44-102199)
EC (2013)

A Love Is Lost (Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA)
B I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)/Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix By James Murphy For The DFA-Edit)

Golden Years

Blackstar (ISO SIJ7 1)
Japan (2017)

A Blackstar
B Lazarus (Radio Edit)/I Can't Give Everything Away (Radio Edit)

Red-vinyl exclusive release for the David Bowie Is exhibition in Tokyo in 2017.

Golden Years

No Plan (ISO/Columbia 88985421071)
US (2017)

A Lazarus/No Plan/Killing A Little Time/When I Met You
B -

The international version is pressed on white vinyl. The EC edition (ISO/Columbia 88985419651) is on black vinyl, the US edition (ISO/Columbia 88985419621) on blue marbled vinyl. Each edition has the same etching on the reverse.

Golden Years

Let's Dance (Parlophone DBRSD 20181)
EC (2018)

A Let's Dance (Full Length Demo)
B Let's Dance (Live)

A Record Store Day 2018 exclusive. The B-side is from Vancouver, Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, 12-09-83 (same as the Serious Moonlight DVD).

Golden Years

Is It Any Wonder? (Parlophone DB 80120)
EC (2020)

A Baby Universal '97/Fun (Clownboy Mix)/Stay '97
B I Can't Read '97/Nuts/The Man Who Sold The World (Live Eno Mix)

Limited edition of 6000.

Golden Years

The Width Of A Circle (Parlophone 10WOAC50)
EC (2021)

A The Prettiest Star (2020 Mix)/London Bye Ta-Ta (2020 Mix)
B Memory Of A Free Festival (Single Version - 2020 Mix)/Holy Holy (2020 Mix)

The remixes from The Width Of A Circle compiled on a 10" EP.