12" singles treats all of Bowie's 12" maxi-singles in detail, in this section Time Will Crawl (1987) to Fame 90 (1990). Larger pictures of sleeves and labels can be accessed by clicking the 12" title. Mixes are named as they appear on the 12" label; if there is no specification, the album version is used. Promos are discussed under the stock copies.

Unlike CD-singles, this section is incomplete concerning all possible pressings and editions. See the 10" and 12" singles discography for a more comprehensive overview.

Time Will Crawl (EMI 12EA 237)
UK (1987)

A  Time Will Crawl (Extended Dance Mix)
B  Time Will Crawl/Girls (Extended Edit)

The US edition (EMI V-19247) has an extra track.

Time Will Crawl (EMI 12EAX 237)
UK (1987)

A  Time Will Crawl (Dance Crew Mix)
B  Time Will Crawl (Dub)/Girls (Japanese Version)

Never Let Me Down (EMI 12EA 239)
UK (1987)

A  Never Let Me Down (Extended Dance Remix)
B  '87 And Cry (Edit)/Never Let Me Down (Dub)/Never Let Me Down (Acapella)

The US edition (EMI V-19255) has additional tracks and a slightly different cover. A Brazilian promo 12" (EMI 9951 052) came in a unique sleeve.

Too Dizzy (EMI SPRO 79209)
US (1987)

A  Too Dizzy
B  Too Dizzy

Promo-only 12".

Tonight Live (with Tina Turner) (Capitol 060-20 3180 6)
Germany (1988)

A  Tonight
B  Let's Stay Together (by Tina Turner)/River Deep, Mountain High (by Tina Turner)

From the Tina Turner album Tina Live In Europe.

Under The God (EMI 12MT 68)
UK (1989)

A  Under The God/Sacrifice Yourself
B  Interview

Also released as a 10" single (EMI 10MT 68). The Dutch edition (EMI 060-20 3415 6) came in a different sleeve.

Tin Machine/Maggie's Farm (Live) (EMI 12MT 73)
UK (1989)

A  Tin Machine
AA  Maggie's Farm (live)/I Can't Read (live)

Double A-sided 12". Also issued in a limited edition 12" poster bag (EMI 12MTP 73).

Prisoner Of Love (EMI 12MT 76)
UK (1989)

A  Prisoner Of Love
B  Baby Can Dance (live)/Crack City (live)

The live versions on this and the previous single were recorded in Paris, La Cigale, 25-06-89.

Heaven's In Here (EMI SPRO 4374)
US (1989)

A  Heaven's In Here (4'14")
B  Heaven's In Here (6'01")

Promo-only 12".

Fame 90 (EMI 12FAME 90)
UK (1990)

A  Fame 90 (House Mix)
B  Fame 90 (Hip Hop Mix)/Fame 90 (Gass Mix)

Other European releases, like the Dutch EMI 1C K060 20 3805 6, used a sleeve identical to the US edition below.

Fame 90 (EMI V-56163)
US (1990)

A  Fame 90 (with Queen Latifah)/Fame 90 (House Mix)/Fame 90 (Gass Mix)
B  Fame 90 (Hip Hop Mix)/Fame 90 (Absolutely Nothing Premeditated/Epic Mix)

The US EMI SPRO 04547 promo 12" has several unique remixes.